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     Samuel Wildman      

South Charleston, Ohio

Agricultural Communication

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I recently completed a summer internship in Fair Oaks, Indiana where I worked at Fair Oaks Pig Adventure.  Fair Oaks Farms is the largest agri-tourism, agri-tainment, agri-education farm in the country. The unique aspect of this farm is that they are open to the public. Everyday, we invite people from all ways of life to come and tour the dairy and pig farms and we encourage them to learn everything they can about agriculture!

This summer was the official opening of the Pig Adventure, which is a 2,800 head breeding and farrowing pig farm that is completely open to the public. Some of what I did was help develop training programs for the adventure guides who were available to answer questions.  I also was there day-to-day helping as an adventure guide to give private and public tours, but to provide a very unique angle to answering questions because not only did I grow up on a pig farm, but my family farm is buying 1/3 of the pigs that are born at The Pig Adventure and finishing them out on our farm.

My internship gave me so many opportunities to develop strong leadership skills, but it also gave me a chance to really master my public speaking skills. I believe the best thing I gained from my internship was the ability to communicate and understand the true meaning of communication.

Fair Oaks also gave me the opportunity to develop myself into a professional public speaker and a very strong advocate for the pig industry. The networking opportunities I had, the opportunity to improve my professional habits, develop my character as a business person and the ability to be a friendly face to those who want to know more about agriculture are all reasons I would encourage someone interested in gaining these skills and having these experiences to apply for the internship program, any time of the year!


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