Create to Taste, Taste to Create

Quynh Duong

Hanoi, Vietnam

Quynh(third from the right) with her team at a product development competition.

Quynh (third from the right) and her teammates being awarded as winning team of the 2012-2013 D.D. Williamson Natural Color Competitions for Students.

Food Science & Technology

In the last 2 years, I have participated in 4 product development teams, competing in 3 different student competitions (one of which I was in 2 teams at a time). Each project sent me exploring very different ideas, potential markets, and technological interests. They also helped me connect and network with people –teammates, professors, experts from the industry, people who are interested in our product, fellow competitors, judges, people we persuaded into tasting the food, etc. In the great challenge and exciting mess of it (if everything went as planned I would think something is not right), there were two things I often reflect on the most after each competition. One is the intense nervousness before we try our sample after a modification. The other is the feeling of appreciation toward unexpected challenges that gradually build up my skills and knowledge. These experiences make me feel connected to food science much beyond what I learn in class, and I am grateful that I had the opportunities to figure out what I love about this field through these dynamic activities.

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