Don’t Let This Be Something You Just Did!

suzie_blogSuzie McMullen

Warsaw, Ohio

AgriScience Education

Over my career  here at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences I have had the chance to do some pretty amazing things. However, last weekend I had one of the best experiences of my time here at Ohio State. Amy Jo Frost, Colin Barclay, and I traveled to Arizona for the 2013 Ambassador Leadership Summit which was hosted by the University of Arizona. Also in attendance were the University of Kentucky, University of Florida, and University of Georgia Ambassadors. Throughout the trip we traveled over 1,600 miles and had the chance to experience the diverse agriculture, ecosystems, and culture that Arizona has to offer. Some of the highlights included traveling to Tombstone, Mt. Lemmon, and a feed lot with over 100,000 head of cattle. Dow AgriScience conducted a workshop on career preparation and the changes in the agricultural industry. We went to Yuma which produces 90% of the leafy greens for the U.S. during the winter and is only 15 miles from the border of Mexico. It was interesting to learn how they irrigate the land and how valuable water is there. Of course, we had to go to the Grand Canyon and take in one of the Seven Wonders of the World. At the closing of the summit we were challenged to make this more than something that we just did. As I reflect I am able take this from something I did to something that I will grow and learn from, something that I am able to draw on other students and look at issues from a new perspective. No matter what you have the opportunity to experience in CFAES I encourage you to make it more than something that you just did.

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