London Calling Ohio State Freshman!

 Meredith Myers

 Cincinnati, OH

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The fleeting fantasy of relaxing for my three weeks of winter break after finals lasted about 12 hours until my alarm clock obnoxiously rang early Thursday morning and I was off to the Columbus international Airport and boarding a flight to London, England with my fellow 24 classmates and two faculty leaders from the London Honors Seminar.   We were headed out for the London Honors Trip. From the minute we landed in the UK after our long night of flying, our cultural activities and site-seeing expeditions were non-stop.  Our activities ranged from touring ancient churches and religious sites such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, to taking day trips to Greenwich and Oxford in order to see the Prime Meridian and one of the most famous universities in the world.  However, my favorite part of this incredible experience was not the several incredible things I have just listed; the best part of traveling to London in my opinion was our day trip to Stonehenge and Bath a couple hours outside the city.  I have never felt so in awe of the universe as when I was standing in the shadows of gigantic rocks and ancient roman baths that had been there for thousands of years before I was even born.  Overall I would not trade this amazing study abroad opportunity for the world, and it only made me more excited to continue and travel to discover the globe as an Ohio State Buckeye!

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