I Found my Fit in CFAES!

 Deanna Fredriks

 Painesville, OH

  Animal Sciencesfit_blog

When I look back on my four years at Ohio State, so many memories of fun classes, great friends, and strong traditions flood my mind. Though I have loved every minute I have spent as a CFAES student, what has made my college experience most memorable are the organizations that I have been a part of. If I take a moment to rewind four years and put myself back in my freshman shoes, I remember feeling a sense of nervousness surrounding one question: Where do I belong? I was very concerned that I wouldn’t connect with my college. However, it didn’t take very long for me to find comfort in all that CFAES has to offer. There is an organization or activity for everyone at Ohio State, and CFAES is home to some of what I believe to be the very best. Through the OSU Horsemen’s Association and Ohio State Equine Program I am able to stay connected with my love for horses and surround myself with those that share my passion. My involvement in Towers Agricultural Honorary has helped me grow as a leader and give back to my college. As a CFAES peer mentor I witnessed incoming freshmen struggle with that same nervousness that I had felt my freshman year and I was able to help them find their fit. And when I think of myself now, four years later, I think that it is safe to say that yes, I truly have found my fit in CFAES.

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