It’s as Easy as a Drop of a Can!

Stacie Seger

Fort Loramie, Ohio

 Agricultural Communication

 “Cans for Cows” is a CFAES Student Council aluminum can drive focused on collecting money to donate to Heifer International. OSU clubs, student organizations, and living complexes were challenged to collect the most cans during Autumn Semester. On November 15th, the Cans for Cows committee and I weighed in 51 pounds of empty aluminum cans. Considering it takes about 28 cans to make one pound, my committee and I were excited with our collection. We will be bringing the cans to the local recycling center, and the money we will receive for the aluminum will be sent to the Heifer International Foundation. Heifer International is a nonprofit with the goal of ending poverty and hunger in a sustainable fashion by giving livestock, seeds, and agricultural training to families in need.

Blessed with the opportunity to attend one of the best institutions for higher education in the world, I think it is necessary for my classmates and I to follow the great words of Woody Hayes and pay it forward. This simple can drive is helping families all over the world own production animals and put food on their tables. We take for granted the soda for lunch. By placing that can in one of the collection bins located throughout CFAES campus, you are doing your part to help with our drive. It is really as easy as a drop of a can!

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