First Job in my First Year!


Jamie Zumach 

 Batavia, OH

 Food Science and Technology

This past spring, I started working as a Student Assistant at North Commons, a dining facility on North Campus.  This was my first job, and I was soon presented with the concern of balancing school and work.  However, I was raised in a family that had always valued hard work and order.  I took my job as seriously as I took (and still do take) academics.  I learned a lot from working as a student assistant, which tied into my personal growth as a freshman. 

  At the start of autumn semester, I was promoted to the position of a Student Lead.  As a lead, I currently am given the responsibility to train new employees and oversee the operations of North Commons.  I ensure that all the employees on my shift know how to work the position they are assigned to.  I also step in when it starts to get busy and overwhelming.  Even though it may seem that this would be stressful, I like being a leader.  Seeing the personal growth of employees over the semester has been exciting for me!  As well, I have established so many new friendships as a result of my position.  Furthermore, I look forward to what the future will hold for me as an employee of North Commons!

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